Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Half Birthday Collin!

My little man is six months old today! I took him for his checkup Monday. At four months he weighed 17.04 lbs and was 26 inches long. Now he’s 17.15 lbs and 27 inches long. Since he hasn’t gained any weight the doctor wants to see him in a month for a weight check. I was kind of worried about it at first, but after thinking about it, he’s moving all the time now, and trust me when I say he’s not being starved, by any means. So here’s the 411 on Collin at six months old :)


  • Starts getting fussy around 7:00 PM
  • Usually in bed by 8:00 (9:00 at the very latest)
  • Wakes up between 3:00 and 5:00 AM, depending out how he napped during the day. (The better the naps, the later he sleeps)
  • Get up again at 7:00, I bring him in bed with me, and we sleep until at least 9:00 :)
  • Wants a nap again around 11:00 for about 30 minutes
  • Takes a GOOD nap around 2:00, he’ll sleep at least an hour, sometimes two
  • Nurses every three hours, at least
  • Wears size 3 diapers


  • Can wear clothes ranging in size from 6 months to 12 months, depending on the brand
  • Remembered a few days ago he knows how to fake cough (which is so cute, hehe)
  • Rolls over constantly
  • Sits up on his own, for long amounts of time (he will fall over and lay down when he’s tired of sitting up)
  • Can reach for things while he’s sitting without toppling over anymore
  • Can turn almost all the way around to reach for something without toppling over
  • Will give me kisses. He puts his arms out, opens his mouth really wide and shakes his head as he leans in…. I LOVE THIS
  • Plays in his crib while I’m in the kitchen (because he can see me)
  • LOVES Carly


  • Is interested in the cats, but they aren’t so interested in letting him “petting” them
  • Is going to crawl ANY DAY NOW
  • Gets into the crawling position and bounces back and forth until he ends up on his belly
  • Will hold onto the couch/table/chair and stand
  • Has learned to pull himself up
    • We had to lower his crib mattress because he was starting to pull up on the side rail. I was in the shower and when I came out he was holding on and bouncing to pull himself up.CIMG3200
  • Loves bath time
  • Got a new Yellow Rubber Ducky blowup bathtub, and uses the ducks head to try and stand
  • Loves applesauce
  • Is eating homemade breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and nursing in between)
  • Still loves his toes
  • Discovered his “manhood”
    • The second I realized this my reaction was “ah crap!”
  • Spent one afternoon with Dallas and learned to spit raspberries
  • Will drink juice and water from a sippie cup
  • Talks all-the-time


  • I’m positive he’ll say “Da-Da” before “Ma'-Ma”
  • Has the best smile and laugh EVER
  • Puts his arms up to be picked up (SO CUTE! I LOVE THIS TOO!)
  • LOVES all of his cousins, especially Cassidy
  • Plays with toys and puts all of them in his mouth
  • Everything goes in his mouth if he can get his hands on it
  • Will pull his toys out of the basket I keep them in
  • Wants to play with the basket more than the toys
  • Wants to play with anything that isn’t a toy

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