Saturday, August 8, 2009

Icing on the Kenny Chesney Cake

I had been looking forward to the Kenny Chesney concert last night, literally for months. Needless to say, I was very excited last night when I was finally on my way there. I went with Janis and a few other girls. Janis has a bum knee and her doctor gave her a temporary handicap tag until November. SCORE! That means the best parking at any type of event, and little walking (which is always a plus, pregnant, bum knee or not!) So we pull into the parking garage by the arena and the people direct us to the handicap area. All the spots were already full. Darn. But one of the girls in the back seat spotted an open spot on the end of the isle, right next to the elevators  (which we didn’t need!). We go to pull into in and there are a few girls (who image obviously had been there for a while, and thought they were God’s gift to the concert) tailgating, or at least working on their ump-teenth beer. Anyway, as we turn the corner one girls jumps out of the back of the SUV, beer in hand, and with attitude, says, “the parking garage manager Jackie has approved this spot to be reserved.” All of us in the car look at each other and think “uh, yeah right” so we tell Janis to pull into the spot. This only ticked the girl off more than she already was when we pulled around the corner. I stayed in the car with Janis (who just wanted to move to another spot) while the other girls with us went to find this manager Jackie person. When our girls left, mean girl tells us, “You can park there, but I’m telling you, you’re going to get towed!” OH OK!. imageSeriously, when has it EVER been ok to “save” a parking spot. People will kill over spots at the mall on a Friday night, never mind Black Friday or a concert! So manager Jackie comes over and tells us we can park there and they don’t tow people like that. When he came over the mean girls story changed and told us that they were just trying to save it for a friend. RIIIIIIGHT.

Drama over time to boogie down! HAHA! When we get to our seats (which by the way were literally one row from the back lol) there was a group of 4 girls in front of us. But this group of girls was not like our group of girls. This group of girls, was more of a friendlier group. One was a very girlie girl (who actually kind of reminded me of a friend) and the others were, shall we say, a little more, um, butch? Yeah, and they were all over each other. Midway through Lady Antebellum a couple, an actual guy-girl couple, sat down next to them. We figured out that they all new each other. But the guy was not as friendly as the girl. They all had A LOT to drink before Kenny even came on. But by the time he did come on, the guy-girl girl was crying and upset about something. One of the lesbian girls fell into the row in front of them trying to console her. Long story short, the lesbians and the other girl (who we all assumed was a lesbian at one point, or was considering it in the future) cried and talked the whole time. I don’t know how they could have enjoyed the concert or what could have sparked something so dramatic. We thought the guy should run and never look back. But he was a dummy and stuck around then entire time. They all ended up leaving about an hour into Kenny’s performance. 

Drama over… again! So we laughed about it for a while and enjoyed the rest of the concert that went on until 11:30ish. It was AWESOME, again. So as we are leaving I borrowed Janis’ phone to send a Bradley a text (I had left my phone in the car). So I’m doing the whole texting-walking thing. We opted to take the elevator like we did last year as opposed to hobbling down a billion stairs. Janis and I were the last ones to make it in. She got in first and I looked up from the phone just to make sure I didn’t run into the people standing in the elevator. I make it in and the door closes and I turned to Janis as she’s turning around to face the door and not the rear of the image elevator. Typical elevator behavior. I forgot that at big events like that they have people designated to run the elevators and push the buttons. Well, when I looked at Janis as she turned around, the girl sitting on her little stool next to the buttons, was non other than my headache from the bank. YES! SHE was the one pushing the buttons. The one that we fired from the bank. I never thought she was capable to counting cash, or doing the complexly-simple teller transactions on the computer. Which is why it was SO IRONIC that she is now taking people up and down in an elevator. She’s pushing 1-2-3 for a living!!!! So apparently that whole lawsuit that got her unemployment pack pay and rehireable eligibility was BS! But it’s funny that we always said she needed a job that was very repetitive, like, bagging groceries or stocking shelves, and now she pushes 1-2-3 all night long. But that’s not really the best part.

Janis and I got off that elevator we were laughing so hard it was ridiculous. That was just the icing on the cake. First the parking situation. Then the drunk-drama-filled-lesbians. AND FINALLY HER! REALLY???? There was no one else I think would have appreciated the evening as much as Janis and I did.

Ah… good times. Good times. :)

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