Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An Eventful Day

When I pulled into work this morning there was a man standing at the front door to the bank. Normally this would not be anything different, he would pull at the door, it would be locked, he would look at the time on the door, with his hand still on the handle (because leaving your hand on the handle will make us open earlier) then realize it was way too early for him to be there, turn around and walk to his car. He would leave and I would continue opening the bank.

However… that’s not blog-worthy so it’s obviously not the case. This is the case: this guy is looking in the door, knocking on the window, seriously looking for someone and trying to get in. Well, I’m always very skeptical of anyone who is up at the ATM (which is right next to the front door) while I’m opening the bank, out of fear of being robbed. Well, I did as we are taught in the banking world, freaked out and called corporate security. Long story short, the police came so I could safely get into the bank (incase this guy was a creepy freak and had hijacked someone and took their uniform and had them in the back of the truck and was waiting to rob me as I open the bank). Apparently he was from a company that only comes out once a year, so I was completely justified in calling the police because I didn’t recognize him. I had four or five different people ranging from my boss, the local police, the market security guy, and the corporate security office call me after the fact to make sure everything was ok and assure me that I did the right thing.

Interesting start to the morning, the bank ended up opening a few minutes late because of my paranoid fiasco. Later that afternoon I had to leave for a doctors appointment. Originally the appointment was in Mandarin but they called to inform me I needed to go all the way to University because of reason XYZ. Whatever. I left Green Cove at 3:15 and got to the office at 4:05. I was close, the last appointment of the day, so I guess it was alright. In talking to my doctor, who I actually really like, I told her about my hip and back pain and she apologized for making me drive all the way to University from Green Cove then asked if I wanted to see the baby. Um, let me think about that for a second… YES! Since I was the last one there and drove an extra long way I got to see Collin again! So eventually I may get to post those pictures. So I now have pictures of Collin at 8 weeks, 19 weeks, and 29 weeks. YAY! It was so random and exciting.

After I left the office I went to meet Cheryl (who now works at my old office in Mandarin) and see some fun people. I love the Mandarin girls. They are awesome. Then Cheryl and I went to David’s Bridal, where I thought I was going to be paying for my bridesmaid dress that I tried on a few month ago (before I had a large Collin belly). But since another one of her bridesmaids is going to be very pregnant at the time of the wedding she is wearing a different dress. Since Collin is only going to be here for a few months, she was nice enough to ask if I wanted to wear the same dress. I opted for yes. This way I don’t have to stress as much about losing baby weight, and there will be two of the dresses in the wedding instead of just one. Thanks Cheryl for working some of your bridesmaids dresses around your pregnant friends :) We appreciate it! After the trip to David’s we had dinner at 5 Guys. YUMMY!

So all-in-all it was a very successful day. Called the police to be escorted into work, left early enough to miss the market team visit to the store (forgot to mention that earlier, eh, it’s pretty irrelevant to anyone else but me), made it to the doctor and got to see Collin instead of just hear his heartbeat, visited with the old store, ordered a bridesmaid dress and had dinner with one of my best friends. Now, it’s time for bed. :)


  1. I remember those days of being in the branch at opening.

    You DID do the correct thing. You're a momma now so you have to be extra careful.

  2. When I saw your status message on facebook I was pretty certain you were going to blog about. Glad the guy wasn't a creep or anything!

    It doesn't take working at a bank to be suspicious of other people. Jeff says I watch waaayy too much CSI. That show always makes more think twice about people!