Saturday, August 22, 2009

444-4858 hu?

Devin and I were on our way to Dustin and Angela’s house a few weeks ago. Sitting at the light on Collins to cross Blanding I noticed a sign that said “Erase Arrest Record” with a phone number.  I laughed and asked Devin if this was similar to the “Erase Bad Credit” signs. Since that light has a tendency to last forever, read the other signs that were there too. “Get Gun Rights Back.” They were both on yellow signs and I noticed that you could call the same number to get your gun rights back as you could to erase your arrest record. Sort of like one stop shopping. We had a good little laugh about that too. THEN I read the white sign that was on the bottom. The classic credit repair sign I had joked about not 30 seconds earlier. So by calling 444-4858 you can erase your arrest record, get your gun rights back and repair your credit. Hmmmmm… really?


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