Tuesday, April 14, 2009

There’s Country in the Air

Anyone from Clay County know that Spring Break means two things: a week off from school, and the Clay County Fair. They also know that the Jacksonville Fair is a joke compared to the CCF. I have been going to the fair as long as I can remember. (And considering I’m 24 and the CCF is a 23 year tradition, I really do mean as long as I can remember.) Last year we went with my very bestest friends Angela and Dustin. Just because Angela and I are both pregnant didn’t mean we weren’t going to go and enjoy every moment of what the fair has to offer. I’ll have to admit though, I did miss riding some of the rides and laughing my head off while spinning around on the Zipper.

The Clay County Fair has more to offer than merely rides. Confused? Then you’ve never really experienced the cultural experience that is the Fair. There are so many other things to experience. Pig Races (yes, pig races), concerts, alligator wrestling, Frisbee dogs, funnel cake, livestock, boiled p-nunts, the smell in general, Early Florida, the list goes on and on. It’s almost too much to take in on just one night. Here is a brief glimpse to our experience this year.

(This was the last night of the fair, so I guess the mold is justified?)

CIMG1837 CIMG1839

These two ribbon winners had Angela and I somewhat confused. A bead bracelet very similar to those we made a children and some very ugly clothes.

CIMG1841 CIMG1843

MMM… a bag of boiled P-Nuts (yes, insert dirty joke here) and Funnel Cake. It’s just not a trip to the fair without a funnel cake.

CIMG1845 CIMG1844

God couldn’t have made two better friends


You know you’re in the COUNTRY when butt cracks and mullets are present

CIMG1851 CIMG1850

The Alligator Man

 CIMG1861 CIMG1860

The Frisbee Dogs (Devin’s inspiration to teach Carly to play Frisbee, she’s getting pretty good too!)

CIMG1871 CIMG1870

Good times at the Clay County Fair

CIMG1868 CIMG1867

….enough said.


  1. Was it really necessary to put the butt crack picture up there?!?! I didn't need that. Also, why do you both look all crazy in that second to last picture? It's a little scary. Finally, she already rocks at frisbee with Devin and now that we have been doing the football she is getting good at tackeling, she will be Air Carly is no time.

    (I hope it isnt that hers just hasnt been approved yet/she was just being nice and letting me comment first. We shall see.)

  2. A lot to comment on in this post...

    1. Yes, the Duval County Fair is crap compared to Clay's.
    2. Eww at the mold. Eww.
    3. Why did nobody tell me I was wearing two different necklaces?!? I didn't realize it until we got home but you can see it in the pic of me with the ugly clothes.
    4. Mmmmm....peanuts and funnel cakes. Good stuff right there. (Sorry you missed it, Brad ;)
    5. Holy cow you put the butt crack on your blog! That cracks me up :)
    6. I still wish that I could have at least given that first dog a hug. She was so cute!!7. I'm glad we're friends. You're lots of fun :)

  3. That was a blast! And yes, the CCF does completely destroy the Jacksonville Fair! CCF is waaaaay more fun!

  4. Angela only YOU would notice that you were wearing two necklaces! I had to really look to see what you were talking about!

  5. Owen and I didn't get to go this year. :o(

  6. Brad -- Congratulations.

    Erin -- Still...it's annoying.

  7. We had fun at the fair. It truly is a cultural experience!