Tuesday, April 3, 2012

“Best Fair EVER!”

I love the fair. I always have. It’s something I look forward to every year. The last few years though, I haven’t been able to enjoy the rides. It seems like I was either pregnant or Collin was too small to ride so we didn’t ride. This year however, I was really looking forward to taking Collin. He’s always showed an interest in rides, and swings, etc. The carnival rides always show up in the mall parking lot before the fair, each year. The last couple weeks Collin has commented that he wanted to ride every time we drove by. I kept promising that I would take him on the rides. And I made good on that promise last night.

He was so excited as we walked up to the gate, though the parking lot. He was too cute. I was excited to see him so excited. He was jumping up and down and saying “look at this Mommy!” “Look at that Daddy!” He was so good though, he never let go of my hand to run off. He had been asking to go on the Ferris Wheel for days and days, so naturally, the first thing we did (after we made sure he was tall enough to do other rides (he is exactly 36” according to the fair charts)) was go to the “biggest ferris wheel ever!” Part of me thought he was going to be all excited and then freak out the second it came time to get on the ride or right after it started. I was more than thrilled when he was so happy the entire time. There really aren’t even words to describe how I felt watching him. He waved at Devin every time we passed him, looked all around and saw all the other rides, pointed out the cars. He just thought it was the coolest thing that we were on this ride together. When we got off he ran to Devin and asked “What’s next?! What’s next!?”

Patiently waiting his turn in line


Amazed he actually on the “biggest ferris wheel ever!”


My Whole World (well, part of it anyway…)


We both took him on a bunch of rides for the next hour plus. I can’t remember ever seeing that kid so excited about anything. It seriously was fantastic.




Every week when we go to Mom to Mom at FBC Jax, we park in the parking garage on either the 8th or 10th floor. I may have taken a turn a little quick one day and he said “whoa! bizzy Mommy!” (bizzy = dizzy in Collinese, by the way) So ever since then he says “want to get bizzy” when we are in there. He also loves spinning on the office chair we have and “getting really bizzy.” When I saw that the fair ahs a kids tea cup ride, I knew I had to get him on there. Several months ago some friends took their daughter to Disney for the first time. When they took her on the tea cups he put his phone on video and got the coolest video of them on the ride. So I took a page from Danny’s book and captured Collin’s first ride on the tea cups. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this video. It’s priceless. So, enjoy the next two minutes ;) (And no, he did not get sick. In fact, he asked if we could “do it again, Mommy?! Get bizzy again Mommy!?” as soon as we got off)


Finally got him to slow down enough to eat dinner… after 8 PM


We told him not to touch the animals, so he put his hand down by his sides and held his pockets. It was super cute and made him look so big :(


To say that he enjoyed himself, might be an understatement





***Yes, the twins were with us, they actually did REALLY well too. They didn’t melt down until we were about to leave after 9:00. I have ONE picture of them, that is pretty cute. However, I can’t seem to get the picture to load properly. ;(

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