Monday, January 3, 2011

“Cold Flurries”

I’m more than a week late on this, and as a result, it’s a new year, and the temperatures have risen so it almost seems unbelievable that we even had snow flurries!

So, as I talked about before, Brudder got took me the the last Jags home game of the 2010 season, which was the day after Christmas. Although we lost the game in overtime, we had a great time anyway. We always do, which is why I was so excited about going with him again.

Sunday morning while I was at church, I had several different people tell me they had seen snow flurries at their houses that morning. I texted Bradley (who was at his earlier church service) to tell him that we could possibly see snow flurries at the game today and we should bring a blanket. He says back to me, and I can hear his snarky tone, “Not going to be snowing. If you really want a blanket we can stop and get one.” That was about 11:00. At 11:34 I get another text from him, he’s in the parking lot waiting for me to come out and “there are flurries on my windshield.” HA! Take that Brudder! It IS going to snow! hehehe.

As we are driving to the game I keep putting layer after layer on. I think I had a tank top, two sweaters, my jersey and a jacket, two pair of socks, a beanie cap, and gloves. I told Bradley that I didn’t want to freeze in the cold flurries. Yes. Cold flurries. He looked at me like I was stupid (as he often does) and said “really?” Forgive me, it cam out a cross between snow flurries and freezing in the cold. Whatever. :)

Once we got to the game, we quickly found we were surrounded by Washington fans. Great. (This is where the story become abbreviated.) There was a couple behind us that was so-stinking-obnoxious. Seriously, they were so loud and just down right annoying. Long story short, the first quarter they got into a fight with some Jaguar fans across the isle from them. They went and go security to have them removed. Come the fourth quarter, the Jaguars fans that were back. The Washington fans were not happy about it, to say the least and went to get security again. Before the end of the quarter both of them had been escorted out of the game. THANK GOODNESS! Bradley and I could actually enjoy, well sort of, the overtime.

After we lost, we walked back to the car, frozen toes and all. While they were “only snow flurries” snow is the operative word. I can officially say that I have attended a football game in the snow :) Is it cheating a little? Maybe, but I don’t really care! So there! I had a great time with Brudder in the cold flurries.

Thank you Brudder for a great Christmas present! I had mucho fun with you!

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