Monday, December 27, 2010

It’s a Wonderful Life 2010

Everyone looks forward to Christmas every year. This year, was particularly great. The entire week, not just Christmas day (although, all the pictures I have are from Christmas morning…) was a great time.

My mom was off work the whole week and we spend Monday and Tuesday doing small projects and cleaning my house to get ready for Christmas. By Wednesday she was too sick to leave the house and had a fever. :( Sad. One day Collin and I had lunch with my aunt one day since she’s off school right now. Another day we had dinner with the Whiteners at Sonny’s then Mandy and I visited Ashley and baby Luke at the hospital. Devin was off work Thursday and Friday so we got to spend a little bit of time together. My cousin was in town from Pensacola so I spent Thursday afternoon and evening with her and my aunt shopping. (***Side note, I can keep up with my 14 month old better than I can keep up with Melissa shopping. That girl can shop, and I can’t keep up! I was worn flat out by the time I got home! haha!)

 Friday, Christmas Eve, we always spend with Devin’s side of the family at his brothers house. So we were there around 2:00, ate dinner opened presents and just hung out for a while. Devin took Collin home to put him to bed and I stopped by my aunts house to enjoy the last part of their Christmas Eve dinner before heading home. Devin read Collin the Christmas story from his little Baby Bible and then he, Bradley, and I finished getting the gifts around the tree ready for the next morning. Everything he got that night we took out of the boxes and set up so they were ready for him to play with when he got up in the morning. Bradley stayed the night with us so he was here Christmas morning.

Because I told Bradley and Mom, Collin would be up about 7:30, he of course woke up coughing at 6:00 and wouldn’t go back to sleep. So he played with the fun new toys early in the morning. Ugh. Mom got to the house about 8:00, we did the present thing and ate the casserole I made for breakfast. More toys were put together and played with. Collin had some serious stimulation overload going on. He bounced from toy to toy to box back to toy after toy after box after toy. Finally it was naptime. For Collin. I should have taken a nap too, but I didn’t. We had dinner with my family at my aunts at 4:30. Collin ran around and around and around before Devin took him home for bed. I stayed to hang out with my cousin for a little while. A little while ended up into about four and a half hours. At 10:30 I thought I should probably go home.

I feel like I definitely made the most of Christmas this year. It was great. Sunday/the day after Christmas will be another post. It was also great, fun, exciting, and cold. For now, I leave you with Christmas morning in pictures…

My poor tree never got the ribbon or bow topper this year :(


Having a blast with his new toys


Opening his stocking


Opening presents

IMG_0394 IMG_0395

Carly checking out the action, wanting to chew on everything!


“Open it Mom!”

IMG_0400 IMG_0441

Playing the the new toys


Carly got new chew toys… one was destroyed almost immediately


Everyone needs a slinky!


Oh Carly


My Mom and Collin after all the chaos


Enjoying his new table and chairs



Merry Christmas everyone!

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