Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Family Photo Shoot

So, we went back to Portrait Innovations this year for our family pictures. It was almost exactly a year, to the day, than when we went last year. I was much more annoyed this year than last. We had to wait more than 45 minutes past our appointment time, got passed off between people (two different photographers, two different assistant type people, and a person to go through the pictures with us), didn’t get the poses I really wanted, didn’t get the “attention to detail” I would have liked, and had to go back the next day to pick up the pictures. “Because we had to wait” they gave us 25 “free” Christmas cards as opposed to the 9 or 10 they normally give. But oh well, what’s done is done and these are some of our family pictures… they are growing on me. Ok, truthfully, I LOVE Collin in every picture, and Devin too, he has a genuine smile (as opposed to the fake I’m smiling for a picture smile) I’m just not crazy about me. Surprise surprise. For some reason I don’t think I look all that happy and my head was tilted to the side (hence the lack of attention to detail by the photographers and assistants. They never said, turn this way or tilt your head that way, which turned out to be very annoying.)



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  1. You are your own worst critic, just like every other woman in the world! Love you!