Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Feel Like A Snob

***Disclaimer: I'm writing this from my phone, so there most likely will be more typos than normal!

I have this thing with my lip that flairs up very so often. Most of you that know me well, know what I'm talking about. It hurts, and is worst of all, just plain embarrassing.

Anyway, after the first time this happened and I went to the ER several years ago, I was able to just call my doctor and he would call in a prescription for me. This morning when I called in, the nurse told me because I hadn't been into the office since 2008 that I needed to come in for an office visit. Luckily, they had a appointment and I was able to get right in.

So here I sit, in the waiting room, in Middleburg. And I feel like a snob because I feel like I'm the only one who thought it necessary to shower and brush my hair and teeth before I came in. The waiting room is full of people that look like they haven't brushed their hair in days, never mind wash it. The man and wife sitting next to me are both missing the majority of their teeth and smell horrible. Their jeans are more of a brown than a blue and their shirts are only what I can assume used to be white.

If the patients are young enough not to be wearing velcro shoes (yes YOUNG enough, you know what I'm talking about, kids and older people wear velcro shoes...) they have on dirty sandals and their feet are just dirty, Jiffy Feet fo'sho! But what is grossing me out about their feet are the think yellow toenails that need to be cut, but are so think a regular pair of toenail clippers just wont do the job.

There are several teenage/young mothers with their kids who are just running around like wild animals (the kids not the mothers. They are just sitting there like nothing is wrong.)

Side note thats kinda funny and not really related...A man just asked the nurse at the desk, in the MOST hillbilly voice ever, "you ever see that show Cake Boss? It's perdy good."

And THAT is why I feel like a snob. I showered, washed AND blow-dried my hair, then brushed it, brushed my teeth (that I have all of) my feet are clean and sporting a French pedicure, and even though the shorts and shirt I have on I wore to a jewelry party last night, I'm CLEAN. so maybe I feel like a snob, because I AM a snob. :(


  1. yes, you're such a snob, erin. is that why we never hang out anymore?? because you're such a snob?? ;)

  2. Actually... it's because your baby doesn't wear clothes ;) hehe JK