Tuesday, August 31, 2010

He’s A Perfect TEN!!!

My little booger is TEN MONTHS OLD! Every time I sit down to write these blog posts, I seriously cannot believe that another month has gone by and Collin has changed so much. Again.

I think I only took about 300 pictures this month :) This has the potential to be a very long post, because I have a feeling I’m going to have issues selecting just a few. So hunker down and lets get the 411 on Collin this past month, shall we?

I’m not taking him to the doctor for his weight and height check, so those will have to wait until his one year appointment.

  • He eats three good meals a day, snacks here and there, and nurses 4-5 times a day (including once at like 5 am)
  • Wears size 3 diapers and 9, 12, and/or 18 month clothes (depending on the brand and article of clothing)


  • Has four teeth


  • His eyes have started to change color, it looks like they are going to be hazel
  • I moved his toys to a drawer in the entertainment center. He opens the drawer and pulls the toys out as he wants them.
  • Still loves the pool. So much so, that when I tried to dry myself off, he took off back for the pool


  • Loves to sit at a door and open and close it
  • Holds the banister when we walk downstairs
  • It’s time to put the child locks on the cabinets


  • Walks around smacking his lips
  • Loves his big blue ball


  • Gives “high five”
  • Waves “hi” and “bye”
  • When you say “yay Collin!” he throws his hands up in the air and squeals. In the past few days, he’s started smiling really big and clapping instead.
  • When asked if he can clap, he does
  • Makes the “schrunchie face” I LOVE this face, but I’m having a hard time capturing it on camera when I want it

213 516

  • He eats a ton of “real” food. He LOVES chicken. Especially when he can just pick it up himself


  • Played in the Chick-fil-a play place for the first time, and had a blast

354 352

  • Then I took him to a real playground the same week, he didn’t know what to do with himself he was so excited. I’ll have to make a separate post for pictures from the park days because there are just so many perfectly cute pictures

415 419 438 478 482 477

  • When I hand him the container with goldfish or some other snack in it, rather than taking the snack, he reaches for the lid to the container and puts in back on.
  • Went to Clearwater last week, and unlike trips in the past, did really well sleeping at night and took great naps during the days

342 345

  • Giggles and runs away when we say, “I’m gonna get you!”
  • My least favorite thing, he’s started showing signs of separation anxiety. When we drop him off at the church nursery he clings to us (but starts to play and is fine) and if we walk away from the room he’s in he fusses and runs to us.
  • Never crawls. This boy is a full blown walker!



…More pictures to come soon :)

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