Sunday, July 11, 2010

Something(s) New

My brother (more affectionately known as Brudder) gave me his very first iPhone not long after I had Collin. I learned to like it. Most of the time. Anyway, I got a fee app for it a while ago to update my blog, but for some stupid operator error I couldn't get I to work.

As the world know the new iPhone recently came out, and my amazing hubby got me one! It was supposed to come in the mail on the 19th. This week he got an email stating it would be here by the 12th. It came on the 9th!! So I've had an iphone4 for a couple days now. The difference from the first one to this one is incredible!

Devin is traveling this week so Collin and I packed up and went with him. We are in a smaller hotel than the one we stay at on Altamonte Springs, so Collin is in the same room with us (we usually have an apartment style inn). It's going to make for an interesting week.

ALL that being said, I'm laying in bed, in the small hotel room where Collin is sleeping, playing with my new phone, updating my blog! My brain fart went away and I was able to get the app to work so I can update anytime I want. I'm no longer a slave to my computer! If I have an epiphany at the doctors office, I can blog about it :) the odds of this actually happening are slim to none, but the option is there.

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  1. I am so impressed with how technologically advanced my daughter is becoming! I hope you get some sleep with Collin in the same room!