Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Conversation Evolution

Angela sent me a text message this morning, and it got me thinking about how our conversations have changed over the last five years.  Lets take a look, shall we?

2005- Devin and I got married in July and started hanging out with Dustin and Angela a lot. Since they got married in December, our conversations consisted of wedding dresses, rehearsal dinners, decorations, bridal showers, and the wedding night.

After we got married conversations went from weddings to, well, wedding night activities. Then Angela started working at my rival bank so we had a plethora of stupid customer stories to share all-the-time. (Both of our husbands were glad when she started working for the city and we didn’t talk bank anymore) We also bought our houses this year so we did a lot of discussing different aspects of the home buying process. Every month we would talk about who would be hosting “The last Saturday of the moth Game Night.” The New Year’s Eve tradition also started this year.

When Angela started working for the city it seemed she became obsessed with People.com, and my work would have on HLN which would have celebrity gossip. Since I would only catch bits and pieces of what was being said, I would have to text Angela to find out what was really going on. New Year’s Eve tradition take 2. (Chris and Ashley were unable to attend because Anekah was just a month old, foreshadowing of things to come maybe?) 

The baby talk begins. We both knew we wanted to have kids and we had been married for several years (which is something we still couldn’t believe) and our friends were having babies. Since we knew our turns were going to be coming soon, we did some traveling. For a while it seemed like I only talked to Angela because her and Dustin were gone most weekends doing something and visiting someone out of town, and Devin and I took our last cruise. Little did we know that our last Hoo-Rahs would be the trip we took to Sea World and of course New Year’s Eve!

2009- I’m pretty sure that we didn’t talk about anything but preparing for babies this year. Since we were both pregnant it was a lot of “I pee all the time!” and “my clothes don’t fit” and “I have a doctors appointment today.” We talked about what to register for and how much stuff a baby needs. We had to find furniture, enter Angela’s obsession with Craig’s List, which Angela found for both of us :) Then Dallas and Collin came and conversations shifted to labor and delivery and lack of sleep. Which leads me to the text that started this whole epiphany. Without being too descriptive, we are both breastfeeding and essentially feel like cows. At which point I said to Angela, “Wow…Our conversations have gone from crappy work stories and People magazine, to milk and breast pumps… Does this mean we are old?”


Our Wedding

CER009 RES001

Dustin and Angela’s Wedding


Working on Our House

Picture 083 Picture 087

Working on Dustin and Angela’s House

100_1494 100_1497

Game Nights

100_1706 100_1043

New Year’s Eve ‘06, ‘07, and ‘08




image Week 29c

and finally… Dallas and Collin


image 100_3847


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS POST!! Well done my friend. Well done.

    And OH MY GOSH what were we like 12 when we all got married?!?

  2. Angela- I thought you all looked young in your wedding pictures! This is such a sweet post!

  3. Angela and Dustin look like babies in their wedding pics! Great post.

  4. So true, so true! :) It's fun to look back...but then you realize how FAST that time has gone!

  5. I don't think you are old yet! You all have grown into wonderful adults who any parent could be proud of. It is amazing however how time has flown by.

  6. oh wait until you take your kids to school and another kid in the class says "That's Dallas' mom, or that's Collin's mom..." You might forget for one split second that you are not ATTENDING school, but in fact dropping your 4 yr old off at school. Then will you feel old? Or will you still feel like the "babysitter" sometimes even when you have two of them running to the door when you get home, while you are pregnant with your 3rd?!?!? I sware, sometimes I forget. But I would not change a minute of it. Sometimes you just have to relish in all of the wonder of it all.

  7. What a lovely post. I wish I'd had friends like that who we could look back on similar lives with. My two very best friends got married either way before or way after us, and our kids are all different ages. Enjoy having this bond! :)