Thursday, October 22, 2009

38 Weeks Recap

Saturday night was, well, lets just say, the roughest night of my pregnancy. I’m considering my self VERY lucky. I was up the entire night throwing up everything I think I’d eaten for the entire pregnancy, and then some. That meant that Sunday was rough also. I slept on and off Sunday (really trying hard not to so I would be able to sleep through the night) and didn’t really eat anything. The only think I was able to keep down was Gatorade. Monday I felt like I wanted to eat something, but didn’t feel like if I did eat that was going to be a good experience. So Tuesday was the first day that I ate more than a banana. I think I ate a bowl of oatmeal and half of a hot dog. By Wednesday I was completely drained of any energy. I was completely out of breath and tired from showering, drying my hair, doing my make-up, and getting dressed to go to the doctor. I drank an entire bottle of water on my way there because I was so tired and thirsty. It really makes me feel like a lazy couch potato. The nurse that takes my blood pressure and weighs me told me I had lost 2 pounds since last week. That really wasn’t all that surprising considering I hadn’t eaten in about 4 days. I was actually surprised that it was only 2 pounds.When I got to see my doctor she informed me that she was going to be out of town taking her office to Disney on Saturday, so wait to have Collin until she got back. Well, that made me freak out a little bit, and the more I think about it, the more I freak out. I was also grossed out a little bit when she checked and informed me I was at 1cm (yes, I’m FULLY aware that being 1cm doesn’t necessarily mean anything and I could remain that way for weeks, so PLEASE refrain for telling me again! THANKS!) and she could feel Collin’s head. I can handle the being checked part and her telling me I was 1cm, it was the whole, “OH! There’s Collin’s head!” part that got me. Moving on, from there she had this and that to say and that at my appointment next Wednesday, she’d set a time to induce me on Thursday (if he doesn’t come before then) so we’ll have us a Collin by Friday! NOT on Halloween!!!! WOO HOO! So instead of having a November baby, we’ll have an October baby. Instead of having a Halloween baby unexpectedly, we’ll have a NOT Halloween baby expectedly! Instead of being pregnant for 13 more days, it will only be SEVEN MORE DAYS!!!!

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  1. YAY! Hey, even if it does end up being on Halloween, you can just say it was on Michelle's birthday instead ;)