Saturday, January 24, 2009

A whirlwind of days

Where to begin? Well, Wednesday I had a date night with Angela. Thursday we had The Office night at Bradley’s. Then, Friday I had FCCS Homecoming game and night out with the girls.

Wednesday: Since Dustin was out of town and Devin was at a work thing, Angela and I decided to have a date night. We had sushi at Midori on Kingsley then went to see Bride Wars. The night was pretty much a success. When I got home it was late but I noticed that my mom had comments on my Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! post. This was strange to me because I didn’t know my mom knew what a blog was, never mind know she was reading mine and commenting on it. And at that, I went to bed.

Thursday: I had this customer stand in front of me chewing and smacking her gum like a cow chewing on grass. It was DISGUSTING! Her lips and tongue were making this AWEFUL saliva-y sound and you could hear it every time she chomped down on her piece of gum. (This all was originally supposed to be a post in itself, but other events transpired and altered my plans) After this obnoxious woman finally left my window and I calmed my stomach so I wouldn’t throw up, I texted the now infamous “gum incident” to my mom and left for lunch. The conversation we had led to me telling her I had no idea she knew what a blog was and really wasn’t expecting her to be reading mine. She then informed me that yes, she did know what a blog was and she had been reading my brothers blog for months and had also read Angela’s, Dustin’s, Gary’s, and Daniel’s. I’m sorry I underestimated you mom. I guess I should have known by now. I mean, with the Macbook, the iPhone, Vera Bradley and all. You’re such a cool trendy mom, why wouldn’t you be reading these blogs for months. But I do hope you know you now have to comment on Bradley’s because he’s slightly perturbed that you’d been reading his for months and never commented but you read mine for a week and created a g-mail account. Ok, the rest of Thursday finished with pizza, Guitar Hero and The Office at Bradley’s apartment.

Friday: Another crazy day at work and then came home to change clothes and meet Cheryl. It was the annual FCCS Homecoming game and we were going to meet Stephanie and enjoy the festivities, you know, being alumni and all. To my surprise, the game and festivities were were very enjoyable, fun even. We won the game, literally in the last seconds, so it was pretty exciting even though we had no idea who anyone on the team was anymore. After the mini reunion, Cheryl, Stephanie, Angela (different Angela) and I went to La Nop for dinner. Since Devin was out of town for SQL Saturday Tampa the girls and I came back to the house and talked until 2 in the morning. I’m pretty sure I was with these same girls the last time I was up until 2 in the morning, and that was in high school.

All of this crazy-non-stop-ness brings me to today and this lazy Saturday is VERY much appreciated and I’m planning on doing nothing but enjoy it.


  1. I seem to remember being up with you at 2 in the AM coloring our hair!

  2. Also on Saturday you ran into your old youth pastor and his amazingly cool wife. =)

  3. I have been corrected. I have been up until 2 AM since high school. But it happens on VERY RARE occasions =)

  4. I would like to put in my two cents that your mom also needs to comment on my blog...since she knows how and everything.

  5. inform your mother to read my blog also.

  6. Im sure you had lots of fun at the homecoming game, but seriously it jsut wasnt the same without me, right? Whether you knew it or not, deep down you were thinking, if only Robert was here to yell and make a big scene . . .