Monday, January 19, 2009

The Christian Husband

Movies and television shows today depict families in a way that is not Biblically based. Generally, the shows are funny and we laugh at them, but when you really take the time to think about it, the husbands played are nothing like God intended them to be. Why does the husband need to be portrayed as a clumsy goof-ball who doesn’t have the respect of his wife and kids? This comes because I know I watch way too much crap on television and our Sunday School class lesson this week was on the topic. So here I am, writing about it.

The parallel between a husband and his wife to God and the church is something that isn’t going to make sense to any Joe Shmoe on the street, but to us, as Christians, it should hit close to home. Ephesians 5:21-33 tells the wife to submit herself to her husband as unto the Lord (more on that next week) and tells the husband to love his wife as Christ loved the church. The fact that the husband has this kind of responsibility is awing to me. I love my husband more than anything in this world, but to know that he is commanded to love me the way the Christ loved the church, whoa. The husband is supposed to act as a barrier to his wife, not allowing her to be attacked, ultimately holding him responsible for her holiness. That is an incredible responsibility. In Genesis 3 God called on Adam, not Eve after eating the fruit from the tree. He held Adam responsible. Again, whoa.

So maybe this wasn’t the eye opener for you that it was for me, but after class yesterday, I felt incredibly relieved that my role in the marriage is to submit to my husband.


  1. So many women take offense to the verses in the Bible that tell us to submit to our husbands. I, with you, take comfort in the fact that I can rest in knowing that God's plan is for my husband to take care of submission to him is safety. :o)

    Keep the good posts coming!

  2. I agree -- I am glad that my responsibility is only to submit to my husband. I'm especially glad that I have a husband who will follow God and not lead our family in the wrong direction. Now more than ever Dustin is feeling the weight of his responsibility to be a spiritual leader in our home.

  3. The role of the husband in the home is serious and not to be taken lightly! I know that when I stand before God, I will be held completely responsible for the spiritual condition of my wife and my children. If my wife and my children do not follow after Christ, I will be the one who bears that burden and face punishment. That is no joke!