Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Each a Perfect TEN!

This last month, has been, well, rough. We’ve been sick. Sick. Sick and sick some more. I haven’t been stuck in the house this much since the end of my pregnancy with the twins and the first couple months after they were born. Which is why, they majority of this months post contains pictures that are, indoors and rather uneventful.

The basics:

  • Both wear size 3 diapers
  • Both wear 9, 12, and some 18 month clothes. Just depends on what it is. I actually think Justin would fit into a pair of his 0-3 pants, if it weren’t 100 degrees outside.
  • They nurse 4 times a day
  • Eat a solid three means a day, plus snacks
  • Justin has EIGHT teeth-four on top four on bottom. Lana is working on number THREE-all on the bottom.


  • Both like the eat by themselves
  • Justin is SO CLOSE to walking, it’s scary
  • Lana, could care less
  • Justin is Mr. Adventurer
  • Lana is a homebody, but if you leave her be, she will be in everything before you can blink
  • The stairs. UGH! Those little boogers go up the stairs before I can' even realize I left the gate open. It’s like they are in stealth mode.
  • Justin is definitely the “walkie” and Lana the “talkie”
  • Actually went into the Splash Park at the Zoo, and had a great time. They really like the water
  • After our trip to the zoo, is when things went south.





  • I got this cute picture of Lana


  • And then, this happened… we got Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. It sounds WAY worse than it actually is, but is MISERABLE! It’s highly contagious so we were in the house, without seeing anyone for THREE WEEKS. Justin got it first, then Lana. Then I did. (I didn’t have it NEARLY as badly as the twins did)


  • Two and a half weeks later we all felt better


  • The first time we left the house in three weeks, I took Collin to the mall, specifically to ride the train. It was Justin and Lana’s first time to ride :)



  • Thankfully HFMD came and went when it did, because the following week was VBS. So, all four of us, had our first week of VBS and very much enjoyed being out of the house every day :) And with that, I leave you with these…







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  1. Love reading about your family!! Love your blog title!