Thursday, June 23, 2011

Less than 78 Days

I didn’t even realize that we hit the “Less than 100 days” mark! I have really started to “feel pregnant with twins” in the last three or four weeks. I’m so grateful Devin has been home these past few weeks because I’m absolutely exhausted by the time he gets home. It doesn’t matter if I’ve run errands in the morning, taken a nap, been to the zoo or the pool, done housework, played with Collin or just laid on the couch all day.

Despite being so exhausted by 5:00 or 6:00, but the time it’s actually time for bed, I’m wide awake and can’t sleep. The babies aren’t happy with me laying on my left or my right. One is always moving. And I just can’t seem to get comfortable at all, even with a pillow under my head, on my left, my right, and between my legs. Yes, I realize how ridiculous that sounds, but it’s the only way I can actually sleep, even if it is at 2 AM. A few nights I’ve just had to lay on the couch and toss and turn, eventually when I wake up to use the bathroom – the first time – I’ll make it back into the bed. At first I thought it was because I was taking a nap in the afternoon, so I stopped doing that. Lets just say, I’ll be taking naps again because it doesn’t seem to matter.

Answers to common questions:

  • Made it to the third trimester on Devin’s birthday :)
  • Almost 29 Weeks – the new week starts on Fridays
  • Approximately 9 weeks left – assuming they don’t make me go the full time.
  • I have amazing friends that are throwing me another shower next month.
  • I passed my glucose test several weeks ago, that was a relief. Apparently multiples pregnancies that’s not a common thing.
  • I’m no longer allowed to travel. (Well, by the time I hit 30 weeks anyway)
  • As of my last ultrasound – Lana is head up on the right, Justin is head down on the left. Lana has always been on the right or the bottom, Justin has always been on the left or the top.
  • Her name is Lana Paige, his name is Justin Maddox. We like the names, it’s that simple. We didn’t pick them because they were family names, or we had a family member or friend that passed away, or because they were Biblical (obviously) or they meant something very profound. We just liked them. Period. It’s that simple.  But yes, we liked Maddox because we are Braves fans. But we changed the spelling :)
  • I guess a C-Section/Induction can’t be scheduled more than a week before a due date (Which is September 9th) so I’ll most likely end up going into labor myself.
  • If I have a C-Section will depend on how the babies are positioned at the time they decide to come, how brave I’m feeling, and a variety of other “medical” things.
  • My doctor will do what she can to stop contractions before 37 weeks.
  • I haven’t had any contractions.
  • Every time I have an ultrasound they say everything looks good.
  • Both babies are the same size – within one ounce of each other
  • I do plan to nurse both of them.
  • Not sure if they will be sleeping upstairs in the beginning just yet.
  • The nursery is not done – it’s painted and has cribs and a dresser.
  • We’ve bought some girl clothes – yes some of the girl clothes are pink, but not “frilly girly pastely pink” – it’s not our style. If you decided to get that for us, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t get worn, or gets exchanged. Just being honest.
  • The only things we need as of right now if they were to come today, are a second car seat and newborn diapers. Although we still “need” to do/get a good chuck of stuff
  • Yes, we are done having children. Promise.

And finally rundown of the pictures I’ve actually taken this time around…

16 Weeks


18 Weeks


20 Weeks – Officially Half Way


25 Weeks


28 Weeks


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