Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Surprise! SURPRISE!

Collin is going to be a big brother! But it’s not just to one lucky little baby. TWO little ones get the pleasure of Collin’s older wiser guidance in life :) Yes, we are expecting TWINS!


Twins. As in One TWO!

No, we weren’t expecting it.

No, Twins don’t run in the family.

I joked when she stared the sonogram and the right baby came on the screen, “it’s only one right"?” and literally as soon as I said that I saw the other bubble flash on the screen and the midwife says, “well, just a second, I just got started.” I immediately knew, BEFORE she said anything. And I broke out in a sweat.

Yes, I started to cry. I panicked not knowing what to do with two babies at once. Devin and I about hit the floor. Not quite sure how to process the new information. Our entire drive home, all we could say was, “Twins. As in One. Two.” And laugh nervously about it. As the week has passed we have had some time to process the idea and it’s sinking in. Still not sure how we are going to make it work. But we know that God has a plan and will take care of us. All FIVE of us.

I was too shocked at the time of the appointment to ask questions. So I don’t know if they are fraternal or identical. All I can guess is that they look as if they are in two separate sacks so, fraternal, maybe?

One baby measured at 8w4d the other measured 7w4d.

My due date is officially September 9, 2011. Although the midwife did say that because it’s twins it automatically will be pushed up a few weeks so, most likely sometime in August.

Twins, automatically made me “high risk” so I get lots of “extra” sonograms :)

The midwife says, “Everything about this pregnancy will automatically be different from your first” Awesome. (Note the sarcasm)


  1. Congratulation!!!!
    Terry and I a doubly happy for you and Devin AND Collin. Collin will be a good big brother.

  2. I was sooo shocked when I saw your announcement on Facebook. Although, probably not as shocked as you and Devin! What wonderful news though and I am sure Collin will be an amazing big brother!

  3. congratulations! im a twin so I love hearing twinny news:) God bless you and grant you all the grace you need and more!

  4. Just remember you don't have to tell them which is your favorite, just let them know that you have one. Congrats sister. :)