Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Collin at 12 Weeks

I can’t believe that my little boy is 12 weeks old already! I took him to his two month appointment December 29th. Look at this little man! Yes, the scale says 14.13 and he was 24 inches! The doctor said that puts Collin in the 90th percentile for height and 97th percentile for weight :) He was very happy that he was a breast milk baby too. I felt so bad when he got his shots. He cried through all three of them and wasn’t all about the oral medicine he had to take either. When it was all over and he got to snuggle in my arms he was OK. I think I was upset longer than Collin was.

collin on scale 2mo 

At the appointment the doctor asked how often he was eating and how well he slept at night. When I told him that he ate every two hours and didn’t sleep longer than that either, the suggestion was to try to push him a little at a time to stretch that time, for my own sanity. Collin fell asleep in the car on the way home and slept for three hours. I thought it was because I had given him Tylenol for his shots and that it was just a fluke thing. Well, that night, and ever since then, he’s been sleeping for three, or sometimes more,  hours at a time. He doesn’t get fussy when the two hour mark hits when he’s awake either. It’s like he heard the doctor say two hours was too frequent and was like “OK, I can help keep my mommy sane.” There have even been a few times that he’s slept for four and five hours at a time. I haven’t gotten that much sleep at once in a very long time. I’ve figured out that when he wiggles out of his swaddler that I can wrap him back up and he will sleep for at least one, if not several more hours.  I call him my little Houdini, because he always gets his arms out of his wrap, but doesn’t sleep well unless he’s swaddled. (He has since out-grown his swaddler and has a new one. That he still gets out of.)

100_3948 100_3949


Some of my favorite onesies I liked to put him in, he’s already outgrown! I had to go out and get him SIX MONTH clothes. I absolutely LOVE dressing him up and taking him out. Little collared onesies and jeans, khakis, or shorts are my favorite things to put him in.

 CIMG2554 100_3880 100_3924 

100_9179 100_9216

This Christmas was his first, so we had to get him a special ornament to put on the tree. (The heart on the his blue ornament says “Baby’s 1st Christmas” in white)

100_3930 100_3928

Over the last three or four weeks Collin has become much more aware of what is going on around his and is so alert. He loves bright colors and music. I like to dance with him in my arms around the living room and in his room. He got some toys for Christmas that light up and play music and his eyes get so big and he concentrates on the them when I turn them on. He gets so excited and happy. I love when I go to get him out of his crib and he is fussy until he sees me and then gets a HUGE smile on his face. He LOVES his changing table! He will smile and talk to me the whole time I change his diaper and/or clothes. He also LOVES splashing in the tub and (thankfully) likes bath time.

 100_3854 CIMG2640 CIMG2646

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the smiles and when he talks to me. He’s come SO CLOSE to a real giggle several times, I can’t wait until the day I really hear him giggle for the first time. Devin was with him a lot this weekend and said he got Collin to laugh. I was jealous, but I guess I can let him have that first considering I get to spend all day with him.

He used to hate his swing. Every time we would put him in it, after a max of five minutes, he would be hot, sweaty and screaming. But again, within the last three or four weeks, he’s really learned to like it (and he doesn’t get hot and sweaty). He’ll sleep his morning nap for several hours, I can take a shower and he’ll just be so content. He also really likes the gym mat I got him recently. He lays on his back and kicks his arms and legs and hits the bright colors toys hanging from the top and just smiles and talks. Between the sing and the gym mat, I’ve been able to get some more things done around the house.

Everyone says that you love your children more than anything, but it’s really not a concept I could grasp until Collin arrived. I love spending time with him during the days. I do enjoy getting out of the house and having some “mommy time” but I miss him when I’m gone and just want to cuddle with him when I get home. It’s such a good feeling to see him smile at me when I get home. I love watching Devin play with him. It’s SO CUTE to see them smile and talk to each other. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this little boy SO MUCH. I really don’t think there is anyone better in the whole wide world. I know everyone thinks that their child is the best and cutest, but I’m sorry to inform them/you, they/you are mistaken, Collin Landen is the best and cutest little boy in the whole wide world!

100_3951  CIMG2638

100_3945  CIMG2637 100_3952

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  1. He's a cutie! It was kinda neat that Angela and most of her friends were pregnant around the same time so y'all can swap baby stories and information. Definitely a life altering event having a little person join the family.