Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How many people does it take?

Recently Devin and I have been making some minor adjustments to the house. We did a lot of the major stuff since we first moved in: removing wallpaper, painting every square inch of every wall, new furniture, new hardwood floors, new fence, and a new dishwasher. Within the last few months we’ve been talking more about doing some other stuff: (maybe that’s part of the nesting process?) a new roof, new siding, new carpeting in the bedrooms, new outside plants, new dining room set and new bedroom furniture. Since most of that is on the expensive side we’ve opted to do some smaller stuff. Pretty much every Sunday afternoon after church Devin has been in the yard digging up the plants that I really don’t like and transplant the ones I do like. Two weeks ago, we had a slight accident when we struck the water main and our front yard flooded. Now that the yard has finally dried out, we now have mulch and are going to attempt it to look pretty. We’ll see how that goes.

Oh yeah, the main reason for this post. The minor adjustments. In addition to the yard work we’ve upgraded some lighting fixtures. The chandelier over the dining room table and the light in the kitchen. It all started with the chandelier. This was the original that came with the house when we bought it three years ago:

100_3693 100_3694

Not very, “Erin” if you know what I mean. So in the quest that started for a new fan in the living room we found the chandelier we liked and was much more, not only “Erin” but “Us.”

100_3706 100_3707

Before you go and think, “wow, Erin and Devin did that?” HAHA sorta! I assembled it, but Devin suckered Daniel into helping install it, and thus began that joke, “how many people does it take to change a light bulb?” Answer: three :) Two to hang and and me, to make smart comments and take pictures! DUH!


 100_3700 100_3702

So yay, we got a new light fixture. A few days later, if it was even a few days, the kitchen light went dim. So Devin tinkered with it to see what kind of light we needed to replace it. Well, in the process something happened and it was determined that we needed a whole new light fixture. Seriously was not the plan. But I was tired of looking at lights so I sent Devin and he came back with something that I really liked. A lot. But again, the question arose, how many people does it take to change a light bulb? This time it was more complicated and took more people. I think it was a total of 5. Two to change, one to hold the flashlight, one to trip the circuit breaker multiple times, and me, to make smart comments and take pictures! Since it was so impromptu I didn’t get a picture of the old light, trust me when I say, ugly industrial was the way to describe it.

 CIMG2157 CIMG2160 CIMG2163 CIMG2164

What the heck, as long as I’m at it… we got a $200 rug from Kohl’s for like $80. We found it on a Friday, and was informed that a Sale would be starting Saturday. So that was 40% off, then I had a Kohl’s card that game us 35% off when we spend more than $100. Therefore we got the 5x8 rug really cheap! So here it is:

CIMG2149 CIMG2148

Maybe the title of this blog should have been “Home Improvements” instead, oh well, Daniel knew what it was going to be about when he read the title anyway :)


  1. I'll remember this blog when it comes time to change out the lights in our house. =)

  2. Your completely going to help me pick out stuff to change in my house. I like your lights and that rug is pretty sweet. What ever happened to that nifty, yes I said nifty, rug that I had in my room long long ago??

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  4. Looks like lots of business at your house. Everything looks great!

  5. It's all looking good! I love your new rug!! We seriously need to update our light fixtures in the dining room and kitchen, too.